Cooking with food intolerances

Christmas Cookies December 26, 2011

This year I wanted 10 kinds of safe cookies for Christmas. I made Amy’s Awesome Gingerbread cookies, which roll out like a dream, and “normal” people love them too (I’m still checking if there’s a link to include here). I also made chocolate truffles (Enjoy Life chocolate chips melted + a couple tablepoons of Coconut Milk yogurt plus a couple drops of peppermint oil, rolled in corn-free confectioners sugar);  rumballs (recipe said to make safe brownies, let them cool, then mix with rum and shape into balls; I wasn’t that thrilled); fruitcake   – except I substituted brandy for the water; a small sugar cookie with orange zest that I have no idea what the recipe was; candy cane cookies; shortbread cookies; thumbprint cookies; chocolate refrigerator cookies; and I melted some marshmallows and mixed them with gluten-free Rice Krispies, peppermint oil, and Enjoy Life chocolate chips. All kinds but the fruitcake were safe for everyone (my husband couldn’t have it because of the nuts, though I didn’t give it to the kids because of the brandy). And technically the rumballs were safe, but I didn’t give those to the kids either. And I made chocolate cheesecake bars for my husband and my oldest daughter so they could have something “normal” too.


The list grows shorter…. June 10, 2011

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My son just trialed chicken three days ago. He passed!! No ill effects at all. It was removed three years ago after we got his ALCAT results (a test that shows inflammatory response to food). We trialed him on it about a year ago and pulled it back out after behavioral issues cropped up. This time: NOTHING. Awesome!! It’ll now be rotated (one in every four days) just to make sure it’s safe, for about 6 months before letting him go hog wild. This will make meal planning so much easier!


Oranges May 4, 2011

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My son got oranges back into the rotation! I marinated some pork in Coconut Aminos, orange juice, orange zest, and a little tapioca starch, and then stir fried them. He tested severe on them on his ALCAT test almost 3 years ago. I didn’t tell him we were trialing it until 3 days after he’d eaten it. And he was fine!!


Hives! January 15, 2011

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My kids and I have food intolerances, not allergies. My youngest daughter did have an allergic reaction to Amoxicillan when she was about 1 year old (rash and vomiting), and I have had a full torso eczema reaction to two antibiotics, that doctors say is an allergic reaction. I have not really had an experience with hives however. Last night I had a grilled peanut butter and jelly sandwich (like a grilled cheese, except with peanut butter and jelly, and I use palm shortening instead of butter). Shortly after I finished heating, my face felt all flushed, but I chalked it up to eating hot food. Then my back started itching. I asked my husband if I had bumps or something on my back. He looked, and said, “Whoa!” I went to look in the bathroom mirror, and I had raised slash marks all over my back that had redness all around them, and they were intensely itchy. I took 2 Benadryl. And the itching subsided but didn’t go away. About 4 hours later I looked, and I could still see some of the hives, and I was still a little itchy and wanted to go to bed, so I took another Benadryl before bed. This morning, all evidence is gone. Now to find the culprit….


Hello world! January 10, 2011

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My old blog got hacked not once, but twice. What kind of person gives a recipe blogger a virus? That’s just mean.  So I’m going to try to put up as many recipes as possible, and if I can remember the stories behind them, I’ll add those too. I had a custom search function where you could search by allergen but I don’t think I can have that here, so you’ll just have to bear with me. Most of these recipes are dairy, gluten, corn, and soy free.