Cooking with food intolerances

New Restrictions July 8, 2014

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Finally got my own ALCAT test.

Severe: fructose/high-fructose corn syrup, garlic

Moderate: beef (already avoided for 2 years due to it being my only migraine trigger), cane sugar, peanut (already avoided for at least a year because it gave me heartburn), gluten/gliadin (already avoided for over 6 years, so if it’s still showing up, that’s pretty bad, and I do have one of the genes for celiac).

Mild: avocado, bell pepper, black pepper, cabbage, cottonseed, crab, egg white/yolk, ginger, lime, mustard, pear, pecan (already avoided), strawberry, turkey, honey, casein/whey (both cow and goat’s milk – already avoided both for over 6 years, so again, if it’s still showing up, that’s pretty bad).

Oddly, grapefruit, almond, black tea, and chocolate showed up as acceptable/safe foods. Grapefruit causes tongue sores/swelling and I haven’t had that in at least 2 years. Black tea and chocolate both cause wicked heartburn and I haven’t had those in over 2 years. Almonds I just reacted to about 6 months ago with horrendous back spasms for 10 days – I could barely get off the ice to walk around. When my son and daughter had their ALCAT tests 6 or 7 years ago, they each had one false negative. Back when I had their tests done, the company said if you hadn’t had the food in over 6 months, the test might not be accurate, so the question is was the test not accurate? or possibly have I been off some of them long enough to heal from them? The only ones I would try at this point would be black tea and chocolate.

Just bought 15 lbs. of non-GMO beet sugar. And I’m sure I’ll be posting recipes again now that I’m going to have to get creative with foods. I was resting on my laurels because the kids had gotten back so many foods and I’ve been making the same foods safely for so long. All that’s going to change I guess.

And hopefully, soon I’ll be pain free (I’ve known that I’ve still had inflammation since when the doctor has checked, it’s still been about 15 times a normal person’s level). Wouldn’t that be nice?