Cooking with food intolerances

My Son’s Food Intolerances January 12, 2011

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My son started projectile vomiting about a week after he was born, during and after every feeding. At two weeks old, he was vomiting bile. The pediatrician said “that’s normal.” I knew it wasn’t. I stopped drinking milk, the vomiting stopped. If I accidentally ingested milk, he’d throw up exactly 24 hours after I ate the offending food and for the following 72 hours. When he started solids, we found out he was intolerant to soy as well.

At 13 months old, the pediatric GI specialist gave him an in-office challenge, and he could tolerate both milk and soy. At 18 months old, he got a nasty stomach bug. He got the intolerancesĀ back, but this time instead of projectile vomiting, he would scream and wake up all night long (12-14 times a night; yes, I was a zombie until I figured it out). So fast forward, we’d think he’d outgrow it, he’d get them back with other symptoms. Further along, I realized that peas and string beans were bothering him, and potatoes. In May 2008, I had the ALCAT test done (it’s a blood test which tests for an inflammatory response to the food). Here are the results:

Severe: cow’s milk, orange, tuna, MSG

Moderate: baker’s yeast, basil, bass, cane sugar, chicken, fig, green pea, lemon, paprika, quinoa, rice, turkey, turnip, wheat, blue #1, benzoic acid, red #1, yellow #5

Mild: almond, apple, apricot, artichoke, avocado, barley, bay leaf, black pepper, blackberry, blueberry, cabbage, caraway, carob, carrot, cayenne pepper, clove, cocoa, crab, cranberry, cumin, dill, duck, egg white, egg yolk, eggplant, goats milk, haddock, halibut, hazelnut, honeydew melon, kidney bean, lamb, lentil bean, lima bean, lime, lobster, malt, mint, mustard, oat, onion, oyster, papaya, pear, pork, raspberry, sardine, soybean, spinach, strawberry, thyme, trout, orange #8, aspartame, polysorbate 80, red #3, saccharin

Potato turned up as safe, but we knew that one wasn’t safe. And on our own we tested guar gum (unsafe) and water buffalo milk (unsafe). And later, he lost corn, probably due to overuse because I didn’t rotate it.

So they recommend a rotation diet, taking all reactive foods out for 6 months. And all foods in the same food family are eaten on the same day. I learned a lot about botany during all this. And a lot of new recipes. After 6 months, you could start rotating in foods, first the mild, then the moderate, etc. If they passed, they stayed on the rotation; if they failed, try them again at a later date.

So here we are at January 2011. These are now the foods that my son still needs to avoid: cow’s milk, orange, tuna, cane sugar is sparingly, chicken, wheat, almond, barley, cranberry, eggs, goat’s milk, oat, soybean, white potato, and corn. Anything that was added back in during the last year is still rotated, but the others are okay any day.

His reactions range from a rash on his upper lip and major tantrums (soy) to bedwetting (oats, milk, potato) to screaming in pain all night long (milk, potato) to tantrums, to vomiting (egg), etc.

We also found out mid-2010 that he had lyme disease, probably passed down from me, in utero, and that may be why he has the food intolerances.


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